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About Us

R.K -from your home to RK home, experience our solutions for all your party needs.

Our dream is to be branded as a preferred choice in the market by setting a new benchmark for all kinds of parties at our R.K venue.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

R.K - believes in creating a safer, friendlier and caring space, because every family deserve it.
We believe in sharing and caring means growing together.

Our vision is to provide more innovative solutions for parties that ensure safety, happiness and value for money to our guests and reliability to a widely growing to the clientele base.

About Us

At Majoor, Kaup, is venue for weddings, receptions and celebrations of all kinds of parties under one roof where you can enjoy parties with home stay with friends, relatives and guests. This is the place where togetherness meet happiness and family and traditional values. R.K  Guest House is the donor of love and we spread happiness in families by uniting them with relatives and guests under one roof.

Come and spoil our home. Avoid hassle of cleaning of your house after parties. We will take care of all your needs. this is 24 hours venue for stay at guest house where you can host parties for 250 - 350 people on open terrace and for parties with 500 - 600 or more you can use party hall with open kitchen and toilets and other facilities. Or you can use both facilities. Stay at guest house and party at party hall.


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